Downgrading Sequence

The following downgrading sequence explains what happens if you run out of views. If you delete your account, all images will immediately cease displaying.

2000 Views remaining

When your account has 2000 views remaining, you’ll receive an email informing you of this. Depending on how close or far you are to a new monthly cycle, you may consider either upgrading your account to have more views (and features) each month or purchasing a Bundle Views Pack.

If you purchase extra views to ensure your images do not experience the following downgrading sequence, any leftover views will roll over to the next month and are valid for use for up to one year!

7 days after views have run out

If you have run out of views and have not purchased additional views or upgraded your account, your images will be branded with the Linklay logo like below.

degrading sequence post 7 days

21 days after views have run out

At 21 days after your views have run out, your images will be branded like the following:

branded shoppable images

42 days after views have run out

At day 42, you will have received multiple emails and in-app announcements letting you know that extra views have been required. We assume at this stage that you no longer wish to continue using Linklay’s services.

At this stage any shoppable image embedded on your website(s) will no longer display. Due to images being hosted on a CDN, every image view has an ongoing cost to Linklay, and it is not sustainable to continue to display images beyond this point.

Need more views?

If you’re running out of views, the following are three options to consider:

1. If you’re subscribed to either the Lite, Standard or Pro plan, check in your account how many days you have left until your next month’s views count come into effect.

2. If it looks like you’ll need more views on a monthly basis, upgrade your subscription. You can do this in your profile settings by clicking on “Your Plan” then “Switch Plans”.

3. If you don’t think an upgrade to the next subscription is necessary, you can purchase a Bumper Views pack by going to your profile settings, then “Views”, then click on the link at the bottom of the popup.