How does Linklay work?

We have some pretty spectacular code which enables you to add click points and information to any pixel on an image. You decide where to place the click points, assign product information, then copy and paste a code snippet (an iframe) into your blog or website wherever HTML is accepted.

How do I add a Linklay to my website?

When you save your shoppable image we’ll give you a snippet of code to copy and paste into the text section of your blog post or web page. Paste it anywhere that accepts HTML code (so when you see a text area looking something like <p>Hello!</p> – you’re in the right place!).

Can I change the text on the button for the popups?

Not at the moment – but we’re working on this to add it to the customisation features.

Do I need to use an affiliate link?

Nope! Using affiliate links is a great way for bloggers to monetise their blog – but if that’s not your thing (or you’re linking to your own products), then just use a regular URL directing to a product page. If you’re a merchant, a URL to your product page is all you need.

Does Linklay take a commission from any affiliate profit?

Heck no! That’s not how we roll. We charge a simple fee to make Linklay possible so you enjoy 100% of your earnings.

What if I don’t have an affiliate link for a product – can I use an ordinary link?

Yes! All you need is a URL which directs your reader to a place where they can buy the product – it doesn’t matter if the link you use has affiliate information embedded in it or not.

Where do I get affiliate links from?

From affiliate programs you belong to. A quick search online will reveal a tonne of affiliate programs you can join. While there are various methods of using affiliate programs, you will need to get a specific affiliate URL for the specific product page you are referring your readers to.

Can I put Shoppable Images on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter?

No. A shoppable image is more than just an image (it’s really a bunch of code), and because those social platforms do not allow you to add code, you’re unable to embed a shoppable image directly. The best rule of thumb is, if you own a website, you can do as you please and add a shoppable image anywhere you like.

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