Linklay’s version 2 new features explained

new shoppable images features

Linklay just got a whole lot better!

Now making shoppable images is even easier and better! Our new features are explained below.

Team members

You can now give VAs and team members their own individual login to access your Linklay account. Team members have access to every gallery in your account.

Client access

If you’re creating shoppable images for your clients, you can now grant your clients access to their own gallery. Unlike team member access, Clients will only be able to access the galleries you give them permission to. Clients will be able to create and edit images under your account for the gallery they have access to.

New pricing

Our pricing is now more affordable and suits the needs of businesses/blogs just started out, to the more seasoned with heavy traffic flow. We’ve changed our trial period to a free plan so time is no longer a limitation for those testing out shoppable images on your website. See pricing plans here.

Hotspot animation

Every shoppable image faces the fine balancing act between hotspots being noticeable, but not too brash. You now have the option to add a subtle animation to draw attention to hotspots.

pulse effect on shoppable image hotspot

Referral program

Invite a friend to Linklay and gift them 10K extra views – and earn 10K views for yourself as well! More info and terms here.

invite a friend to linklay popup

Change your uploaded image

If you’ve already created all your hotspots, but notice something in the image that needs a little edit, you no longer need to create an image from scratch. Simply replace the image while keeping all the hotspots and info in place.

Crop image

Notice your image needs a little nip while adding your shoppable hotspots? No problem! Just crop on the fly with our new cropping option.

crop shoppable image on linklay

Preview image

If you want to see your image with its shoppable hotspots in action, simply save and click the new See Preview button. This will open a new tab with your working shoppable image for you to have your final inspection before adding it to your website.

see your shoppable image preview

Upload larger images

We’ve removed the image size restriction so you can upload those huge banner images you’ve been longing to make shoppable.


We created shortcode plugins for WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. This means, no matter how finickity your website site, your shoppable image code can’t automatically be edited by your website setup. Simply save your image, and choose the platform to generate your shortcode. More info here.