Magento 1.9x
Magento 2.x
How to install the Magento extension
How to activate the Magento plugin
Using the Magento extension
Assigning align/class parameters

How to install the Magento extension

Info on installing the Magneto extension

Download and install the official Linklay extension for Magento Connect.

How to activate the Magento extension

How to activate

How to use the extension

After you’ve created your shoppable image and click “Save & Get Code”, select Magento from the dropdown menu. This will generate your Magento token.

magento shortcode for linklay
Copy the token and paste it into your editor (like below). When you preview or publish your post/page, you will see your Linklay image.

Magento token shoppable image

Assigning alignment and class parameters

You can use the following parameters to further adjust the display characteristics of the image:

• Horizontal alignment: align=“right|center|right” (default: center)

• CSS class: class=”your_css_class_name”

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