WordPress Plugin

How to install the WordPress plugin

Install the official Linklay plugin by visiting 


1. Select “Add New” in the WordPress menu under Plugins.

wordpress - add new plugin

2. Search for “Linklay” in the search field. Then click “Install Now”.

wordpress search for plugins field

How to activate the WordPress plugin

After installing the Linklay plugin, click the activate link or button. There are no settings to configure. You can now embed shoppable images using WordPress shortcodes (see instructions in next section).

activate wordpress plugin

How to use the plugin

After you’ve created your shoppable image and click “Save & Get Code”, select WordPress from the dropdown menu. This will generate your WordPress shortcode.

copy wordpress shortcode to embed shoppable images

Copy the shortcode and paste it into your editor (like below). When you preview or publish your post/page, you will see your Linklay image.

TinyMCE editor with linklay shortcode

Assigning alignment and class parameters

The following attributes can be used to configure the display of the Linklay image:

• class

• A CSS class that will be applied to an outer wrapper (div). Defaults to none.

• Usage example: 

using a class on linklay shortcode


• align

• Horizontal alignment of the linklay image within the container: left, center or right. Default: center. The align parameter has no effect if the original image is as wide or wider than the parent element.

• Usage example:

alignment class on wordpress shortcode