Linklay. What’s with the name?

Image used with permission from Elkie & Ark.

When I first dreamt of creating “shoppable images”, I didn’t know such a term existed.

My aim was to make it possible for people to shop from images like inspiration boards. So the daft but practical name of Interactive Inspiration Boards was used. When chats about this tool was just between my developer and I, we shortened that to IIB, and it worked. The moment I started to write to people about Interactive Inspiration Boards, or verbally say it, I knew I had a problem.

I still didn’t know shoppable images was a term, so I was trying to figure out something that would convey what my product was.

Introducing Linklay – a “layer” of “links” on an image.

Telling people I made “linklays” sort of worked, but it wasn’t the best. As I engaged more with my community, I heard of “shoppable images” and it became clear that this was indeed an industry term – which makes a lot of sense and marketing a whole lot easier!

Linklay remains the company name, giving scope to potential features beyond shoppable images – but we won’t get there for now 😉

We’re expecting to launch Linklay allowing bloggers to create shoppable images for an affordable price in a months time.

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