Linklay: A “layer” of “links” on your image.

Linklay was created for these very simple reasons:

1. To increase profit by increasing the click through rates to product sales pages.

2. To give your audience the information they want – instantly. #frictionlessbliss

Your feedback, ideas, compliments, needs and wishes will help us grow this little idea into a crazy, big, and more useful one. So get at us via the contact page, and we’ll keep you in the loop about features we’re working on to make Linklay work even harder for you.

(P.S This clever little idea was inspired by a clever little baby idea: Linklay was developed for Peanut Planner’s Blogger Account to aggregate affiliate links on Peanut Planner. Specifically for pregnancy, babies, birth and parenting bloggers. We quickly realised Linklay had applications beyond PeanutPlanner, made some tweaks, and now you’re looking at it.)

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