Linklay: A “layer” of “links” on your image.

Linklay was created for these very simple reasons:

1. To increase profit by increasing the click through rates to product sales pages.

2. To give your audience the information they want – instantly. #frictionlessbliss

Linklay is on a mission to redefine the landscape of internet shopping – catering for the growing needs of internet users who want instant results and a seamless experience.

With Linklay, when a person loves a product in an image, or maybe they’re just curious for more details, with one click they can effortlessly visit the product page and make a purchase! Without Linklay, people are left searching through columns of drop-down menus, clicking through multiple pages of products, and using clumsy search features – which often leaves a hot sale dead cold, and fast.

We use clever image mapping technology with an easy-to-use interface to make creating a shoppable image easy. Embedding a shoppable image on your site is as simple and copying and pasting unique snippets of code (iframes) and pasting them where you want the shoppable image to appear – easy!

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